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Get maximum comfort while traveling in Georgia with the help of a personal driver. You will be served only by professional staff.

Additional Driver

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A long trip can be tiring, especially for a car driver. It is really good when there is a person by your side who has a driver's license during the trip and can replace it if the need arises.

WiFi Modem 15GB

Continuous internet access is necessary for comfortable travel in Georgia. If you do not have an internet package activated on your phone, we can provide your car with uninterrupted internet.
Georgian law prohibits transporting a child under the age of 12 in the front seat of a car. When transporting a child under the age of 3 in the back seat of a car, a special stroller, seat or support device that fits the child's height and weight must be used. Carriage of a child under 3 years of age by car is allowed in a child car seat or in the back seat of a car not less than 16 years old. The mentioned passenger is obliged to use a seat belt. It is not allowed for more than one child to sit in one passenger.

Economy SUV

Mitsubishi Pajero iO or Similar


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  • 15 days and more: 35.00$
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