Rento TMC


We believe that service is conducted directly by people, and that is why our team consists of the finest people, let alone outstanding means of transport. At Rento every single driver acts according to protocol, wears a uniform, speaks different languages, always has bottled cold water and dry/wet napkins for guests disposal. They are well trained to our highest standards. To us every guest is equal, it makes no difference, be it economy or business class we will always act in accordance with a protocol. We decline Polarization and harmonize price and quality, so our service would be available, affordable and valuable for everyone. We work daily on ourselves, to enhance our services and obtain the biggest achievement for us – move environment to better, raise the industry, teach/train people and improve the country.

 — Nikoloz Siradze (Chief executive officer)

Competitive advantages:

  • Personal Transport Manager
  • 24/7 Support
  • Technical & biosafety check up
  • Protocolized Drivers From our Academy: (first Aid, Language, ethic, Safety drive, etc.
  • Insurance
  • Wi-Fi, water, napkins, first aid box, covid safety box, etc



Toyota Prius
Year of vehicle 2012 - 2017
Toyota Camry
Year of vehicle 2014-2017
Mercedes - benz S class
Year of vehicle 2012-2020
Mercedes-Benz Vito/Viano
Year of vehicle 2012-2019
Mercedes - Benz Sprinter
Year of vehicle 2012-2014
Isuzu bus
Year of vehicle 2014
Otokar Bus
Year of vehicle 2010
Mercedes-Benz Travego
Year of vehicle 2010 - 2012
Man Lions Coach
Year of vehicle 2018
There is no selected car class in current office. Please choose another Class!